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Playful Productions

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General Management

As general managers we draw on a depth of experience in UK theatre culture and a track record managing some of the finest plays and musicals in the West End, on national and international tour to provide outstanding support to productions at every stage of their life.

At Playful we are used to working with a range of production companies from sole producers to the largest film studios, providing a dedicated show team delivering a bespoke service and always striving to shape and drive a project according to the producer’s vision. Our approach is underpinned by an ethos of equity, diversity and inclusion to create an open, good-humoured, fun environment to work in, and professional relationships which are fair, considered, respectful and supportive.

A broad range of our general management services is listed below, with further detail available on request.

  • Supporting all stages of development and pre-production including rights acquisition, organising readings and workshops, negotiating and securing venues, appointing and contracting creative teams, casting, and drawing upon our in-house marketing expertise to engage marketing teams
  • Running shows including day to day oversight of all aspects of production, liaising with venues, suppliers, cast and company, and organising events, communications and recasts
  • Managing all aspects of HR including recruitment, contracting and on-going employee relations, planning training provision, and inclusive culture-setting drawing upon in-house EDI expertise
  • Full-service in-house finance and investment support, including budgeting, SPV and banking set-up, comprehensive accounting, investment documentation, and in-house payroll services
  • Tour booking including advice on tour modelling and viability, venue booking, and deal negotiation
  • Facilitating future life and broadcast opportunities including deal negotiation, contracting and management of live capture, advising on effective roll out of productions in other territories including licensing and replica productions, and facilitating international producing relationships

Executive Producer

As an executive producer Playful has the knowledge of the creative process and the business expertise to represent producers on the ground, consistently support a creative team’s vision, and maintain the excellence, artistic and financial integrity of every show we look after.

We work with producers to create and embed a positive, grassroots identity and culture unique to each production, champion shows within the theatre landscape, and support commercial longevity through robust oversight of creative, operational, financial and marketing processes, and decision-making.