Wolf Hall Parts One & Two Open on Broadway

Following critically acclaimed and sold out runs at the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Swan Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon and at the Aldwych Theatre in London, Mike Poulton’s adaptations of Hilary Mantel’s Man Booker Prize winning novels have opened at the Winter Garden Theatre on Broadway. The plays have received a tremendous response from audiences and the American press.

“For the tastiest dish in town, you need to visit the Tudors of Wolf Hall, the riveting two-part theater drama. Watching Wolf Hall, Parts 1 and 2, you find yourself in a state of happy suspense. It’s chilling and thrilling, too” New York Times

“Jampacked with lust, betrayal, greed and violence. Well-acted, grandly staged and beautifully lit” New York Post

“The Royal Shakespeare Company’s adaptation is stunning, addictive and clever. After six hours of ‘Part One’ and ‘Part Two,’ there were impatient people leaving the Winter Garden Theatre waiting for ‘Part Three’” Associated Press

“A fast-paced, fiendishly engaging political thriller. A triumphant, blockbuster adaptation of Hilary Mantel’s Tudor-history novels” Time Out New York

“This prestige event of the Broadway season offers straightforward storytelling, finely wrought performances and yards upon yards of magnificent 16th century costumes” Newsday

“There’s nothing bookish about the highly theatrical approach taken in director Jeremy Herrin’s lucidly told, handsomely staged and emotionally charged production” Variety

Wolf Hall is a mighty undertaking. It’s directed by Jeremy Herrin with propulsive energy; designed with commanding stagecraft by Christopher Oram and a superb team on lighting, music and sound; and performed with authority and an abundance of sly humor by a first-rate troupe of 23” The Hollywood Reporter

Wolf Hall Parts One and Two play at the Winter Garden Theatre until 5 July 2015.